Lucro’s nCino Org Health Assessment

A report that gives you clear and actionable steps to improve the performance and maintainability of your org.

Josh Rodriguez, Co-Founder at Lucro • April 07th, 2022
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After going live with nCino, Financial Institutions are tasked with continuing to build and enhance the system according to the needs of the business. However, in the pursuit of enhancement, too often we see FIs losing visibility into the impacts that their development is having on the health of the org. To combat this, we have developed a proprietary scorecard that grades your org on four key drivers of health: Complexity, nCino Configuration, Performance, and Security. We then digest the data to give you key insights and a roadmap for improvement.

Our Methodology

We know how time-consuming your day-to-day job is, which is why we’ve confined our Free Org Health Assessment to just one hour of your time. In one meeting with an nCino Administrator or super user, we run scripts and ask important questions to gain insight into over 75 org health metrics; like how many workflow rules there are, your estimated code coverage, the number of validation rules on key objects, and more. Each metric has a weighting and receives a grade from A-F based on Lucro best practices. Then the overarching category (Complexity, nCino Configuration, Performance, or Security) receives a score up to 100 depending on the grades and weighting of each metric.

Our Output

After the scorecard is completed, Lucro conducts an analysis of the data to derive key insights into problem areas. Based on these key insights, we prepare recommendations and next steps for improving your org’s health. We then package all of the data, findings, recommendations, and next steps into an executive-level report to take back to key stakeholders.

Our Impact

The best time to address your org’s health was yesterday. Expanding your platform’s capability is necessary to stay competitive in today’s market, but it’s important not to cause adverse impacts to your org’s health while doing so. A bloated, overly automated, poorly customized org will only rear its ugly head more as the platform grows. Our report is the first step in addressing the potential issues that could hold your platform back from scaling.

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